Relationships are Key

We intend to grow our business and be recognized as a leading Fire Risk company by demonstrating the highest degree of quality, value, and integrity to our customers and stakeholders.

Instant System (PTY) Ltd. recognizes how important it is to develop good working relationships with our customers. By being proactive in our efforts to be part of the design and construction team, we become important active participants in your efforts to have a smooth successful project. We have been providing the highest quality fire protection systems to the Northwest market since 1990. Our quality and performance are known throughout the region's construction industry.

People are Key

Committed to transparency, safety, technology and teamwork.

Instant Systems recognizes that companies are perceived to be only as good as the people who represent them. For that reason, we take pride in recognizing the quality and experience of our people. Our design team has a total of over 10 years of cumulative experience in with fire fighting systems, including designers with IFE certification. On-going training ensures we keep up with the latest industry trends, while ensuring cost effective solutions for our clients. We endeavor to exceed your expectations. We keen in developing citizen as detailed in our Citizen empowerment policy.

Experience is Key

Excellence stems from integrating systems. Strict quality means projects are completed on time, within budget and to specification.

Instant Systems (PTY) Ltd. understands and has the experience, expertise, equipment, and manpower to get the job done. We understand the many elements of effective fire protection and how they work together with building designs to preserve life and property, optimize safety, and provide cost-effective project completions. Our background is richly based in contract installations of large and small water-based fire protection systems within a wide range of occupancies. Not only do we know the theory behind fire protection, we know what it takes to apply that theory to real-world installations of systems we design.